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Key to a richer life

This is Main Street U. S. A. It is unlike any other Main Street anywhere else in the world. It is rich in contentment and well-being. It bustles with hearty and wholesome activity. And as you see and know firsthand, it revolves very largely around the family car. It is perhaps not too much to say, that it is the key to a rich and satisfying life

Smoke him out

News came down the turdpike, they were gonna try to smoke him out. At the turn of the tide when the floaters come home to roost.

They didn’t know whether to hang him or give him a life sentence picking cotton. They also didn’t know that he had a 45 under his pillow, and a pillbox hat with ten galleons. He slipped over the state line in a minor key on a new set of blades.

They never could pin it on him because he used a virtual pirate network and a secure hashish algorithm. Just how many bits it was, is still a state secret.