Our street address is 156 Marmot Crescent. You might see two places with that address on Google Maps.
Arriving from the west on the Trans-Canada, take the first exit to Banff, which leads to Banff Avenue. 
Take the second right when you get to town, between the Rotary Park and The Keg/Cariboo Lodge.
Go straight at the 4-way stop, and turn left into the next parking lot. You can park on your left next to a grey Ford Ranger. 
The row of houses are numbered, 156 is the fourth unit from the parking lot.


Google Maps might show two locations for 156 Marmot Crescent

Here’s a close-up of our parking space:

Furthest on the left. The street sign on Banff Avenue says Badger Street. It’s the street between the Rotary Park and the Caribou Lodge.

A view of the parking lot: