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  • Skater’s sail

  • Ice Lizard

  • How to Make Skating Shoes

    Remove the clamp part, as shown in Fig. 1, from an ordinary clamp skate. Drill holes in the top part of the skate for screws. Purchase a pair of high shoes with heavy soles and fasten the skates to the soles with screws, as shown in Fig. 2. When completed the skating shoes will have…

  • Trap for Small Animals

    This is a box trap with glass sides and back, the panes of glass being held in place by brads placed on both sides. The animal does not fear to enter the box, because he can see through it: when he enters, however, and touches the bait the lid is released and, dropping, shuts him…

  • Small Electrical Hydrogen Generator

    A small hydrogen generator may be made from a fruit jar, A (see sketch), with two tubes, B and C, soldered in the top. The plates E can be made of tin or galvanized iron, and should be separated about 1/8 in. by small pieces of wood. One of these plates is connected to metal…

  • To Explode Powder with Electricity

    A 1-in. hole was bored in the center of a 2-in. square block. Two finishing nails were driven in, as shown in the sketch. These were connected to terminals of an induction coil. After everything was ready the powder was poured in the hole and a board weighted with rocks placed over the block. When…

  • A wishbone-mast ice yacht

    The Boy Mechanic

  • How to make a houseboat

    The Boy Mechanic

  • A small working pile driver

    The Boy Mechanic

  • How to make a wondergraph

    The Boy Mechanic An exceedingly interesting machine is the so-called wondergraph. It is easy and cheap to make and will furnish both entertainment and instruction for young and old. It is a drawing machine, and the variety of designs it will produce, all symmetrical andornamental and some wonderfully complicated, is almost without limit. Fig. 1…