Sophia Rush née Gable

Sophia Gable, ca. 1892–1951

Minnesota State Census Index
Gable, Sophia
Census ID: 1709477
Census Year: 1895
Census Location: St Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota
Age: 3, Gender: Female, Ethnicity: White, Birthplace: Minnesota

Death Certificate Index
Rush, Sophia M.
Death: August 28, 1951
County of Death: Hennepin County, Minnesota

Frank W. Rush (1892-1969) and Sophia M. Rush neé Gable (1892-1951)

Sophia had at least six siblings: Elizabeth (Kuduk), Angela (Waite), Cecilia (Schmidt), Martha, Jerome, Edward.

If these are Sophia’s siblings, they were half-sisters:

Kuduk, Elizabeth M.
Death Certificate Number: 1988-MN-007218
Death: March 19, 1988 [this jibes with other information I have]
County of Death: Hennepin County, Minnesota
Mother’s Maiden Name: Przybylowska
Date of Birth: Feb 26 1908
Place of Birth: Minnesota

Schmidt, Cecilia Theresa
Death Certificate Number: 1984-MN-010397
Death: April 3, 1984
County of Death: St. Louis County, Minnesota, United States
Mother’s Maiden Name: Kaufman
Date of Birth: Mar 28 1900
Place of Birth: Minnesota

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