Grant Swanson

Minnesota Death Records
Swanson, Grant
Certificate Number: 1966-MN-007961
Death: March 27, 1966
County of Death: Ramsey County, Minnesota
Mother’s Maiden Name: MOEN
Date of Birth: Sep 27 1907
Place of Birth: OUT OF STATE

Saskatchewan Genealogy Index
Registration Number: 6822
Last Name: SWANSON
First Name: RICHARD
Sex: M
Birth Date: Sep 22 1907
Place of Birth: SWANSON [Saskatchewan]

Grant Swanson

Married to Vange. Possibly the Evangeline Agnes Swanson in Minnesota Death Records:

Swanson, Evangeline Agnes
Certificate Number: 1999-MN-027286
Death: September 20, 1999
County of Death: Hennepin County, Minnesota
Mother’s Maiden Name: ROUSSEAU
Date of Birth: 10/07/1909
Place of Birth: MINNESOTA

Grant worked as a printer.

Grant and Vange had two daughters: Jean (married Roger ?) and Julie (committed suicide as a teen-ager although there are no records for “Julie Swanson” in the Minnesota People Records Search — death records cover 1904 to 2001).

Theolene Swanson and her sons. Grant far left.

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