Selmer Swanson

Minnesota Death Records:

Swanson, Selmer
Certificate Number: 1985-MN-006836
Death: March 18, 1985
County of Death: Hennepin County, Minnesota
Mother’s Maiden Name: MOEN
Date of Birth: Oct 5 1899
Place of Birth: MINNESOTA

Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan Homestead Records
No dates are given in the finding aid.
Swanson, Selmer : NE 19-22-12-W3
Swanson, Selmer : NW 5-34-02-W2
(Swanson, Clarence, also has an adjacent homestead record : NE 5-34-02-W2)

Selmer Swanson
Theolene Swanson and her sons.
Selmer and Roy during the Second World War. Selmer also served in the First World War.

Selmer was a high-school gym teacher. He and Goldie had two sons. He once asked me if I thought it was a good idea that I was chewing gum.

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