St. Ambrose Cemetery

Location of the St. Ambrose Cemetery near Swanson, Saskatchwan

This information comes from the St. Ambrose Cemetery web page on the Saskatoon Gen Web. It was compiled in August 1999 by Randi Bender.

Located on St. Ambrose Cemetery Road, off of Highway 45 between Swanson and Ardath in the rural municipality of Montrose, Saskatchewan. The cemetery was founded in 1902 and has served the communities of Ardath, Swanson and possibly Conquest, Saskatchewan.

In his introduction, Mr. Bender states “Although I transcribed as I saw, be aware that due to time, damage and many, many mosquitoes, there were times when the markers were difficult to read. ”

“Many of the surnames found in this cemetery are still found in the area today. One of the notables in this cemetery is Abraham Swanson who homesteaded in this area in 1905 and founded the town of Swanson.”

Mr. Bender has transcribed information from about 160 grave sites dated between 1908 and 1997.

51.681617 -107.202737

The earliest burials are of those who died in 1908:
Heroes, baby of A.L.
Knudson, Baby Anna, age 13 days
Nisbet, John Clifford, b. 1907

Died in 1909
Parsons, Frank, age 11 years

Died in 1910
Parsons, Ambrose b. Feb 10, 1843 d. Mar 15, 1910 husband
Parsons, Elanor b. Oct 16, 1835 d. May 25, 1910

Died in 1911
Bowen, David, age 86 years

Died in 1912
Girvan, Mabel (nee Clark) b. Sept 19, 1879 d. July 10, 1912
Swanson, Abraham d. May 10, 1912 age 30 yrs, 6 mo
Tilk, Frederick d. Mar 22, 1912 age 59 yrs

I haven’t kept details of burials since 1912, except to note that the Bodie family of five died in the 1919 influenza.

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