Addison Telford Swanson

Known as Telford

Minnesota death certificate:

Swanson, Addison Telford
Certificate Number: 1989-MN-006202
Death: March 3, 1989
County of Death: Hennepin County, Minnesota
Details: Mother’s Maiden Name: MOEN,
Date of Birth: Oct 27 1902
Place of Birth: OUT OF STATE

A search of the Saskatchewan Homestead Records for Addison or Telford Swanson comes up empty, although his older brother Selmer and his younger brother Clarence did have homestead claims.

Worked as a buyer for a large department store. Was a Freemason and Shriner.

Addison Telford Swanson 1902–1989
Theolene and her sons. Telford back right.
Telford and his mother Theolene Moen.

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