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Addison Telford Swanson

Known as Telford

Minnesota death certificate:

Swanson, Addison Telford
Certificate Number: 1989-MN-006202
Death: March 3, 1989
County of Death: Hennepin County, Minnesota
Details: Mother’s Maiden Name: MOEN,
Date of Birth: Oct 27 1902
Place of Birth: OUT OF STATE

A search of the Saskatchewan Homestead Records for Addison or Telford Swanson comes up empty, although his older brother Selmer and his younger brother Clarence did have homestead claims.

Worked as a buyer for a large department store. Was a Freemason and Shriner.

Addison Telford Swanson 1902–1989
Theolene and her sons. Telford back right.
Telford and his mother Theolene Moen.

Theolene Swanson née Moen

Minnesota Historical Society Death Records

Swanson, Theolene M.
Certificate Number: 1962-MN-007453
Death: December 24, 1962
County of Death: Hennepin County, Minnesota
Mother’s Maiden Name: PERUS
Date of Birth: Jun 6 1873
Place of Birth: MINNESOTA

Name spelled “Theoline” on Grant and Roy’s birth records.

Theolene Swanson née Moen

According to an unverified family tree, Theolene was born in Houston, Minnesota. She was married to Abraham David Swanson also of Houston and had five sons, some born in Minnesota and at least two, Richard (Grant) and Russel (Roy), born in Swanson, Saskatchewan.

On Roy’s birth certificate in 1910, her name seems to be spelled Theoline.

Some time after Abraham’s death in 1912, Theolene and other family members moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In front: Theolene Swanson (née Moen) and Roy Albert. Behind: Grant ((1907-1966), Clarence (1904?-1943?), Selmer (1898-1985), Addison Telford (1902-1989)
Isabel & Mother (Theolene) | Clossett Print
Theolene, Roy, Clarence ?, Telford ? and two children. Minneapolis.
Back: Taken 4/29/28 [?]
Telford and Theolene