Abraham David Swanson

Abraham Swanson is buried in the St. Ambrose Cemetery located near Swanson, Saskatchewan. He died May 10, 1912, age of 30 years 6 months, placing his birth around November 1881. Abraham is the only Swanson in the cemetery.

According to an unverified version of a family tree, Abraham was born in Houston township in south-eastern Minnesota.

Abraham was married to Theolene Moen, also of Houston, and had five sons:

Selmer 1898-1985
Telford 1902– ?
Clarence 1904 ?–1943 ?
Grant 1906–1962
Roy (called Russel on his birth certificate ?) 1910–1996 (my father)

Roy was born in Swanson and probably Grant as well. The others were probably born in Minnesota. Abraham put down his occupation as farmer on Roy/Russel’s birth certificate.

The Houston, Minnesota, region was the birthplace of both Abraham and his wife Theolene Moen, according to the unverified family tree. In the 1950s and 60s our family and others from Roy’s side would go to Spring Grove for family picnics with a bunch of relatives from Spring Grove. I only saw those relatives once a year for a few years.

In the late 50s-early 60s, our family used to go to Spring Grove for a picnic with a bunch of other members of the Swanson family.

According to family lore, Abraham founded the town of Swanson, Saskatchewan, Canada. The hamlet is located southwest of Saskatoon along Highway 45 along the Canadian National Railway.

Click for the Wikipedia article on Swanson, Saskatchewan, Canada

Houston, Minnesota

Houston was incorporated in 1874. The community was named after Sam Houston, first president of the Republic of Texas. In 1852, William McSpadden platted the original site of the Village of Houston. McSpadden had served under Sam Houston in the Mexican–American War. Pioneers followed him into the area and by 1854 there were stores and a school among the approximately 40 buildings in the settlement.

Spring Grove, Minnesota

A post office has been in operation at Spring Grove since 1855. The community was named for a spring and a grove near the original town site. On the town website it’s claimed that Spring Grove is the first Norwegian settlement in Minnesota.

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